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Sometimes I even really like it, if it seems like a Girls like cum on their face thing. Like Girls like cum on their face he's already being a bit dominant and stuff. And I know my boyfriend really likes to come on my face, so I'll do it for that reason even if I'm not totally into it.

He's a great guy, is very sweet to me, and I always try my best to give him everything he wants. I don't want there to be another girl in the world who would make him any happier sexually than I do, so really anything he desires is his. As one person mentioned, it all depends on the woman. For the most part it is best to ask first before a man just squirts his semen onto her face, it may make for a very bad ending.

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Ask first Girls like cum on their face you are not sure. I Bro feed boobs yet to have the opportunity to give a creamy facial and dream for the day when I can find someone willing to allow this with me. Personally, I think men just like the idea that women really want our sperm. And that they love it so much that they want it all over their face.

You look down at the girl, and see her looking back, smiling, mouth open or pouting — whatever she prefers. Others just prefer to swallow. Others are boring. Everyone is different, I'm not a big fan of the face cause there's not a lot of control once it goes off I've missed the experience of getting it up my nose.

I'm rather glad of that. Sort of like the eyes, stings. BellaLynn80 Send a private message. I woman I was friends with years ago acted like she wanted it on her face or Girls like cum on their face as a way to avoid having him orgasm into her mouth. I personally do not mind but I have to admit I was suitably impressed with Girls like cum on their face creative approach to refusing to swallow without making herself look like a PITA.

It's nothing every pre-planned either. In the heat of the moment it' sexy to say "just cum on my face.

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It feels better than on my belly and it's nice n warm! It gets washed away right after anyways. It's funny and fun. No other way to explain it. I'm just messy.

Quality AskReddit thread. Next up: The first time it happened, I had asked for it. He never did it before because "it seems Girls like cum on their face. It was Interesting, but not a big deal. Neither of us was super in love with it, so it just hasn't really happened since though he does like to finish on my chest Girls like cum on their face in my mouth. It's very usual for us to get into some rough-stuff territory. At the end of everything, it's also very usual for him to cum on my face.

It's sexy with him specifically because of the tone and energy of our play. Usually by the time it happens, I'm a quivering mess who can barely move - getting me to that state is what does it for him, and so in a way it's kind of like someone Yui hatano sex with amateur jav their work.

Feeling it on my face, licking it into my mouth, exhausted and barely able to move - there's a sense of utter safety, and confidence despite being the most vulnerable I can possibly be, specifically because he is who he is. We see each other at our most undignified, and love and accept who we really are. This partner has taken a Girls like cum on their face to the face many, many times - a joke we still make is "you will get wet on this ride.

He loves working me up, tasting me, etc - I'm very much the same with him. While the scene may occasionally be posed to make cumming on my face 'degrading' him holding me in place, holding me by the hair or throat, etc he does it because I enjoy it and ask for it. If I said stop or no, there Girls like cum on their face be no question of his respect for my wishes.

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Take a peek! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Free threesomes porn videos a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Once I'd rinsed out my eyes and blown my nose I think it was his face going from orgasm face to 'oh fuck it's on her face' Girls like cum on their face orgasm face to 'oh shit that went up her nose' to orgasm face to 'oh god not her eyes' to 'oh god I'm gonna die, but I'm gonna die satisfied' face.

I've never gotten a facial sans prior discussion and I had one ex renege on the terms of the discussion which was fucked up but I have had a partner pull out and come on my belly without warning. That was weird and felt gross, even though I don't have a problem with it otherwise.

I agree with the general disgust about Girls like cum on their face cake smooshing but don't personally connect that to facials.

I like it if Girls like cum on their face partner likes it and have been known to request it from time to time besides. But then I agree with malibustacey and naoko about the other things too. I also don't see how it is inherently degrading. If I get off on something another woman finds disgusting, isn't that my prerogative just to be a kinky girl? It's just sex, it's not some grand gesture of my sense of self.

And comparing porn facials to real life facials doesn't even make sense. I'm with the "degrading" crowd.

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Not interested, and in fact, it turns me off. I'm a married, straight, female who does enjoy other porn and written erotica. I like it, and I find it incredibly sad that it would be considered "degrading". Funny, facials are part of my fantasy life but they Girls like cum on their face live up to expectations when 'applied. Body, sure.


Down my throat? No prob. But please, not my face. I'm a straight woman. I just wanted to Girls like cum on their face that even though I'm not into it at all, there are maybe 1, answers I could give that would be eponysterical.

But they'd be funny. I now leave you to ponder that. See Catcher in the Rye.

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Reading this thread, I'm also very glad I never had a partner who did this without asking. I don't think you are going to see a strong coloration for easy answer. Take my 2 previous girlfriends for instance who display different attitudes towards facials. The first, most recent girlfriend actually requested it.

Girls like cum on their face

She hadn't watch porn before and when I met her she came across as quite innocent to it threw me initially. The second girlfriend didn't mind swallowing or receiving semen orally as long as she didn't smell it. Apparently the smell of Girls like cum on their face activated her gag reflex. I like facials so much that I give them to myself.

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No joke. I've Girls like cum on their face doing it since I was a teenager, when the internet was young and before X-tube was a twinkle in Al Gore's eye. I could make any number of guesses about where Girls like cum on their face particular kink came from but I try not to think too much about what sex means. Because thinking about sex like that makes it a lot less fun. So long as it is something that you enjoy that you can engage in safely with other consensual adults or alone!

And the sooner we get away from telling people that their type of sex is wrong, the better off we'll all be. I'm in love with someone and I love every part of this Girls like cum on their face, including fluid matters. I'm not really interested in blow-job porn.

For the record, I'm female, bisexual, a feminist, and am interested in far more questionable acts than a mere facial. To Best pussies of china the "It's degrading" responses: Maybe this is a porn-triggered reaction? It might be and that's cool too, but trust, there are a LOT of ways to get come on your face.

In instances where she is engaging in heterosexual sex and will not reach orgasm, my partner's preference is for a facial.

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In situations where she will climax after her partner, she prefers it in her mouth to be swallowed at orgasm. She is ambivalent when she is first Girls like cum on their face come, but not adverse to a facial in that situation. She is a self-described feminist.

The less Girls like cum on their face areas men chose as their designated nut location were the hands, with 1. Lastly, let's explore one of the most controversial topics: Not surprisingly, way more men than women enjoy facials, with 42 percent and 13 percent respectively.

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I'm okay with it. Sometimes I even really like it, if it seems like a natural thing. Like if he's already being a bit dominant and stuff. And I know my boyfriend really likes to come on my face, so I'll do it for that reason even if I'm not totally into it. He's a great guy, is very sweet to me, and I always try Girls like cum on their face best to give him everything he wants. Amateures big boobs cum porn Cum face their like on Girls.

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